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Museum outings in Vannes


The Fine Arts Museum : La Cohue

La Cohue, the museum of fine arts of Vannes has a very contemporary style. If you are an art lover, you will love this museum which has been hosting ephemeral exhibitions for the past thirty years and allows you to admire more and more diverse works.

On the second floor, you will find the works of Geneviève Asse, an internationally famous Breton painter. The museum of fine arts of Vannes also has a space of permanent exhibitions which offers you the possibility of discovering many artistic creations of the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th. You can contemplate the famous Christ on the Cross, a famous painting by Eugene Delacroix.

It is also the occasion to observe sublime Breton landscapes painted on canvas, a real moment of escape!

Temporary exhibitions

Currently, and until November 7, 2020, do not miss the exhibition Hans Seiler - L'espace recomposé at the Museum of Fine Arts in Vannes, as well as the exhibition ESSAIM by the collective LE CRIMP until January 2, 2022.


The Museum of History and Archaeology: the Château Gaillard

The Château Gaillard and its history

The current museum of history and archaeology of Vannes is also commonly called Château Gaillard because of its history. It is in fact a former hotel integrated into the ramparts of Vannes, dating from the 15th century which housed the parliament of Brittany.



Over the centuries, the owners succeeded one another, then in the 20th century, the polymathic society of Morbihan took possession of the manor to exhibit a series of archaeological and historical objects.

Today, the building still preserves its old fireplaces, beams dating from the 15th century and old archives.


The museum of history and archaeology in Vannes

The museum of history and archaeology of Vannes, installed in Château Gaillard, a listed monument, presents objects from the past of Morbihan. Dating from the Paleolithic era to the Gallo-Roman era, these numerous objects retrace the history of ancient civilizations of the department and the region. The museum then reveals the craziest secrets of Morbihan, such as the history of the megalithic alignments of Carnac or other Neolithic sites in Brittany...


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